International Centre for Ethnographic Studies (ICES)

Culture Cards is an educational card game about the various cultures, customs and practices, religious beliefs and rituals of the various peoples in India. It is an ambitious project featuring more than 100 educational cards with hand drawn illustrations. The cards have a picture on the face and questions on the reverse. The correct answers win you more cards and the objective is to learn about the various cultures as one plays the game. The cards are sets of 4 or 2, the object is to answer the correct questions and complete the sets. The sets are color coded and the designs are split across the 4 cards, when joined the set is complete. A very challenging project from the point of view of illustration and design. The illustrations have been simplified to basic circular and geometric forms. Textures have been created and scanned in and then manipulated digitally. The palette uses bright folk art high saturated color schemes with dramatic juxtapositions.